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To quote Marie Forleo, when you say I can’t you are in fact saying I won’t.

When you say “I don’t have time” you’re really saying “I won’t make the time”.

If you won’t make the time ask yourself why? What’s really holding you back?

I have a lot of conversations with clients about big picture stuff, goals, missions, visions but I also have a lot of conversations about the micro stuff. The personal stuff and the not very nice stuff.

I am constantly pushing clients to be a better version of themselves, to go beyond the barriers they have created for themselves, consciously and subconsciously and smash those mindset obstacles and build the life they want.

So what are your obstacles? What is your mindset dictating for you? Most obstacles, I have found, are based in a place of fear. Fear of failure, fear of responsibility, fear of the unknown or even a fear of success and what success will do to the individual.

What are your barriers? Take a moment to think about the top three barriers that you hold right now that are holding you back from your biggest potential.

Take a deep breath, for this is the first step you can take to smash these barriers.

How? Well, let’s take a look at the top three I encounter in my work with entrepreneurs.

1. Fear of failure

I can guarantee to you, right here, right now that every single human being on this earth has a fear of failure. Even Richard Branson! And Oprah! The people we all admire and look up to are the ones who have overcome this barrier and come out the other side, time and time again. Sometimes with fortunes lost, pride hurt and always with lessons learned.

You know what I say? Feel the fear and do it anyway, for a life lived in fear is a life half-lived.

2. Fear of the unknown

We live a life of constant unknowns, we never ever know what is going to happen tomorrow, we can predict what tomorrow will bring but there are no guarantees in life.I ask you what is even scarier? Living a boring life, building someone else’s dream. You’re not here, watching this because you thought “oh yes, I’ll read a blog about entrepreneurship today” because you are happy in your corporate job or your retail job or your admin job.

This is your life, with your goals and your happiness is at stake here. If you’re taking calculated risks and creating a plan around your next steps then you can predict the outcome, just like when we go to sleep each night we can predict the outcome: we will wake up in the morning. Will you wake up happy and excited to go to work? You make that choice.

3. Fear of success

I’ve saved the best for last… Yep, fear of success! What? I hear you say? A fear of success?! That’s crazy town.

Well, it’s more common than you think. Self sabotage is very real because people fear there own success and what it will do to them. Whether it is facing up to the naysayers or people asking to borrow money, success can bring out the best and the worst in people.

I think a fear of success is pretty awesome, you know why? Because it means you believe in yourself and all that you can achieve.

Take it and run with it, let that ball of adrenalin and the thrill of achieving your dreams drive you forward. Go get ’em sister!

If you want some help with your barriers, come over to the Facebook group and share them there and we can collectively work out some solutions for you.