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A member of the gorgeous Smart Women in Business Facebook group asked about advertising small business in 2017. How do we reach our audience in this time of non-traditional media, how do we pull them away from their TV sets and into a transaction with us?

Now, this video is a quick run-down without going too deep on execution, this is by no means meant to be a definitive guide! There are many many elements to a marketing campaign but this will definitely give you a starting point and lots to think about! Honestly, I could talk all day about this but we’ll start with the basics.

First and foremost, as with all things in marketing you have to ask who your audience is and where they are. Too often as marketers we presume to know our audience, have you ever asked your audience how they found out about you?

Whether you have a bricks and mortar or online store, or a service based business this is a question you can ask your customers! This will give you some good background on where your current audience is at as audiences shift and change over the life of our brand.

Researching your audience will make every single thing you do in marketing so much easier. From advertising, to writing brochures and creating a e-newsletter, if you are crystal clear on your audience, you will create a seamless, coherent marketing bundle that speaks to your customers directly.

Think about who is your dream customer or client. In a perfect world, if you could have this person walk into your shop or email you asking to work with you every single day or week or month, who would they be and what would they buy?

Watch the video to find out more about how advertising in 2017 including Facebook and Instagram advertising, as well as traditional print advertising and media releases.