What Smart Women in Business is all about

Spoiler: It's not the hokey pokey

You are here for a reason. What’s your purpose?

I think that every woman has a purpose, a reason and a vision. When you wade through the excuses, the umm-ing and aah-ing and the mental blocks you have (intentionally and unintentionally) set up around this purpose you will uncover your true passion and find your purpose, your calling.

Being your authentic self is one of the keys to a happy life. Throwing off the shackles of a lack of self-confidence, turning up with a smile on your face and finding joy in the every day contribute to a truly joyful, abundant life.

Are you happy? Truly happy? I invite you to join our community of gorgeous women and create your happy life.

– Are you confident that your vision is the way forward in building the life you envision? A life that will make you truly happy?

– Are proud of what you are creating?
– Are you assured that you are providing real value to your customers and clients?

Align your business values with your personal values and not only will you find your work more fulfilling but also find you’re adding more value to what you’re delivering because of your deep-seeded belief in what you are doing and how you are contributing to your community and the global community.

When you follow your passion it’s about so much more than making money; it’s about contributing.

Your vision and your passion are what drive you every day, to be the best you can be for yourself, your family and your clients.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate, contact us.

~ Jane McKay
Founder, Smart Women in Business